This Type-1 variant's name was derived from an Egyptian war goddess (literally; 'She Who Slaughters'). This could not have been a more apt choice, since this class is equipped with both an additional pair of RX-20 miniguns and an RX-666 flamethrower. When enemy infantry are in the Menchit's sights, a massacre is sure to follow.

Type 1 battle walkers form the armoured spearhead of PHR armies. In various guises, they provide flexible, mobile firepower able to deal with enemy aircraft, infantry and armour. Towering nearly 20 feet in height, the Type-1 is a formidable opponent with a commanding view of the battlefield. It is well armoured, and can absorb damage which would annihilate an ordinary main battle tank. Its mobility is perhaps its greatest strength though, since it is able to traverse difficult terrain with ease.

The Menchit A2 represents a change from the usual PHR combat doctrine of task-specific units working in harmony for a finite goal. The Unit is deployed for close support and often in limited engagements or as reinforcement when PHR army groups are clearly on the back foot. So far the A2 seems to have a first wave assault or a fire-fighting roll – which is ironic given its weapons loadout.

Similar to the solely anti-infantry Menchit A1, the A2 sports the RX-666 Flamethrower which cuts a swathe through infantry units, cover or no. However it replaces the torrent of lead that its cousin’s minigun triad provides with limited anti-tank capability. This comes in the form of two javelin missiles – large payload, short ranged munitions designed to be the decisive armour killers. The size and limited numbers of these per unit indicate that they are for direct and sudden attacks and blunting armoured assaults to cover extraction rather than prolonged engagements.

Two models per blister
10mm Scale

Height: 31mm (gun levelled)

6 Resin Components each (see 'working with resin') OR 4 Resin Component and 2 White Metal Components each.

Dropzone Commander/Dropfleet Commander
Post-Human Republic (PHR)
Игровая система
Dropzone Commander
Эпоксидная модель

Menchit / Menchit A2 Battle Walkers

  • Производитель: Hawk Wargames
  • Модель: DZC-24008
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 412.50₴

Menchit / Menchit A2 Battle Walkers