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Требуется начальная игра Conan

"The king and his allies moved westward at the head of fifty thousand men – knights in shining armor with their pennons streaming above their helmets, pikemen in steel caps and brigandines, crossbowmen in leather jerkins."

     –Robert E. Howard, The Hour of the Dragon

You won't command fifty thousand men when you play Conan as the Overlord, but you can harness the power of Bossonian guards, Pict warriors, giant snakes, dark demons, and other fiendish and fearsome forces. To these forces, the Crossbowmen expansion adds an assortment of ten identical, highly detailed crossbowmen miniatures.

Dressed in light armor, and holding their crossbows at their hips, these soldiers come with three tiles that you can add to the Book of Skelos and that allow you to field them with two different sets of abilities. Two of these tiles allow you to deploy your crossbowmen in as devoted warriors who will harass the heroes with their deadly ranged attacks before sacrificing themselves, when necessary, to protect their leader. The third tile allows you to field your crossbowmen in a specialized unit of snipers that ignores the first point of a hero’s armor.

  • 10 miniature plastic crossbowmen
  • 3 unit tiles
Настольная игра
Игровая система
Масштаб 28-32mm

Crossbowmen: Conan Expansion

  • Производитель: Monolith Edition LLC
  • Модель: MONCON06FREN
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 729.07₴

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Игра на английском языке "Let me see my foe and I'll cleave his skull to the teeth."  ..


Crossbowmen: Conan Expansion