• Berserker Tyrant with hand weapon

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The Berserkers of the Apocalypse are probably the most bloodthirsty warriors among the followers of Cael, notorious for their tendency to cannibalism, feasting on the flesh of their enemies, living or dead, that matters little to them. 
These completely insane barbarians, are easily recognized by their shaven heads and large mohicans, tinted in red with the guts of their victims.

Their indiscipline is matched only by their madness, so a Berserker Tyrant will be of great use to command them efficiently in battle.

Sculpted by Gary Morley

Масштаб 28-32mm
Металлическая модель

Berserker Tyrant with hand weapon

  • Производитель: Avatars of War
  • Модель: aow84
  • Наличие: Временно нет на складе
  • 394.35₴

Berserker Tyrant with hand weapon