• Vanguard Clones

Box Contents

  • 12 Plastic Miniatures (with the option of making 2 Command models) 
  • 3 Infantry Plastic Stands 
  • 12 Bases

Product Information

  • Assembly: Required.
  • Box size: 30x15x6cm; 410g
  • Material: Plastic
  • Scale: 38mm
  • In Game Role

    ●    Battlefield Role: Elite, Anti-Infantry
    ●    Class: Medium
    ●    Type: Infantry


    Unlike the Brute and Force Grown Drones the Vanguard Clones are not grown in the spawning pits deep within the Underspire. Woven from 100% pure exile tissue, their strands are improved upon and woven to produce superior specimens.

    Those that survive a brutal culling process undergo a brutal training regime to enter the Vanguard regiments. This first training regime focuses on physical development and a martial arts training. By the end of their third year of conditioning and training, a Vanguard clone is equally comfortable with killing with bows, snap bows, blades and limb. Their training has been skewed to emphasizes evasion and speed over raw power but raised to peak physical condition and trained in combat for three years, the average Vanguard Clone is more than a match for even a veteran man at arms, capable of going toe to toe with the combat elite of the Dweghom and W’adrhŭn.

Conquest The Last Argument of Kings
The Spires
Игровая система
Conquest The Last Argument of Kings
Масштаб 28-32mm
Пластиковая модель

Vanguard Clones

  • 1326.00₴

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Vanguard Clones