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The Russian Napoleonic army underwent massive organisational changes in 1805, and the revamping of the artillery arm was a vital part of this as it was considered the most important branch of the Russian army at the time.

Count ArakcheyevǃÙs reforms had led to a standardisation of gun types so the army could rely upon a uniform selection of 6-pounder and 12-pounder guns and the 10-pounder and 20-pounder Licornes. In conjunction with the Karbanov gun sight (the most advanced of its time) Russian artillery was a match for any enemy.

The 12-Pounder was the standard heavy artillery gun in the later Russian Napoleonic army; Russian guns were treated with as much reverence as the French viewed their eagles, and were manned by well trained and motivated men.

Историческая модель
Игровая система
Black Powder
28mm (1/56) Масштаб
Металлическая модель

Russian 12 pdr cannon 1809-1815 with crew firing

  • Производитель: Warlord Games
  • Модель: WGN-RUS-33
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Russian 12 pdr cannon 1809-1815 with crew firing