Набор содержит 3 металлических модели

This pack contains 3 great models than can transform your Landwehr battalion into a mini diorama, or simply give you a differing choice of command.

It has two choices of officer, randomly supplied, and a "twinned" figure of a wounded ensign being supported by his Drummer comrade..includes flagpole and finial

Stirring stuff indeed!

This set contains 2 metal models, representing three command. The officer model is randomly supplied from the two shown. It also contains metal standard pole and finials.

Историческая модель
Игровая система
Black Powder
28mm (1/56) Масштаб
Металлическая модель

Prussian Landwehr Command 1789-1815

  • Производитель: Warlord Games
  • Модель: WGN-PRU-22
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 296.47₴

Prussian Landwehr Command 1789-1815