The Monorail has been a popular form of urban transportation on human worlds for many hundreds of years. This, the almost ubiquitous 'Silver Bullet' model, is by far the most common and has changed little from before humanities' Age of Expansion to the present day. It is fast, robust and famously reliable since it employs very few moving parts. It is also self-powered, allowing it to operate independently of a city's energy grid. Human-built monorails are known to still be employed by Scourge forces on the Cradle Worlds and are occasionally commandeered by Resistance forces when needed. In fact, it is apparent that a long abandoned Silver Bullet can be brought back to life with as little as fresh fuel and basic tools. Although normally civilian vehicles, in these times of war they have frequently been pressed into all sorts of improvised military roles, from the efficient movement of supplies to VIP transport. Indeed, they can often prove to be critical objectives for a variety of missions.


Experimental Scenarios for the Monorail are available to download here > 


One Monorail model, 7 stands, and 7ft of track per pack.

10mm Scale

Monorail Length: 257mm

Track built Height: 81mm (to top of rail)

Twenty Two Resin components

Игровая система
Dropzone Commander
Эпоксидная модель

Monorail Scenery Pack

  • Производитель: Hawk Wargames
  • Модель: DZC-99006
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 2223.53₴

Monorail Scenery Pack