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The TIE aggressor was designed for long missions, supply chain raids, and tactical flexibility, and in X-Wing™, it can lend a great deal of tactical flexibility to your Imperial fleet. Much of this versatility comes through the ship's ability to equip a turret weapon and a pair of missiles. Altogether, the TIE Aggressor Expansion Pack pairs its pre-painted miniature starfighter with four ship cards and five upgrades, plus everything else you need to fly the ship to battle.

X-Wing Miniatures Game
Galactic Empire
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X-Wing Miniatures Game
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TIE Aggressor Expansion Pack

  • Производитель: Fantasy Flight Games
  • Модель: SWX66
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 627.90₴

TIE Aggressor Expansion Pack