The Caiman is truly formidable battlefield predator whose agility belies its massive size. Its primary armament is the Gauss Triad, a weapon designed to reliably cut through heavy armour at long range. It is also armed with a pair of micro-lasers on traversable turrets, further adding to the Caiman's effectiveness as a stand-off killer.


Although less well armoured than Warstriders of equivalent size, the Caiman's agility and range can be used to deadly effect by the more subtle of Shaltari Warchiefs, who prefer to annihilate the enemy before having to accept return fire.


Full background and rules are now available in Reconquest: Phase 1


One model per blister

10mm Scale


Length: 91mm (gun forward)

Width: 44mm


Eight Resin components each

Dropzone Commander/Dropfleet Commander
Shaltari Tribes
Игровая система
Dropzone Commander
Эпоксидная модель

Caiman Heavy Grav Tank

  • Производитель: Hawk Wargames
  • Модель: DZC-23019
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 564.71₴

Caiman Heavy Grav Tank