This exceptional 60 figure set of 28mm hard plastic Vikings has superbly detailed figures and a myriad of additional parts allowing hundreds of options when building the figures. 

Not only does this set include an extensive range of Viking armour and weapons, it also includes a various head options which have been designed to capture the fierceness of the Viking race. This set is fully supported by a range of shield transfers and banner sheets from LBMS.

Whats in the box?

  • 60 x figures
  • 6 x Warrior Main Frame
  • 2 x Command Frame
  • 14 x Body options (including armoured, unarmoured and animal furs)
  • 28 x Head options (including helmets, fur hats, animal furs and bare heads)
  • 60 x Shields
  • 48 x Unsheathed Swords
  • 98 x Axes
  • 44 x Spears (including T bar banner options)
  • 8 x Oxhorn Trumpets
Историческая модель
Исторические игры
Игровая система
28mm (1/56) Масштаб
Пластиковая модель

Vikings (60 plastic models)

  • Производитель: Victrix Limited
  • Модель: VXDA001
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 1875.18₴

Vikings (60 plastic models)